Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why How Trumps What

How you do what you do can be as important as what you do. How you do what you do is often more important then what your doing. Anyone can rent you a room or make food. We are willing to pay extra for the how and the confidence it brings that the what will be done right or made right.

The attitude and level or professionalism encouraged and expected within an organization can effect morale, performance and encourage excellence. The how behind the what can also negatively effect morale and discourage quality. Think about past job experiences. Think about your daily interactions with different businesses and their employees. You can tell when people are conscious of the importance of how they do their job. A guest on a Disney Cruise Ship shared with me the power of good people and how the how can trump the what. He said after the second day the food had become monotonous. But it was the ship employees that ensured their trip continued to be an amazing experience.

An example of how being stressed happened while I was a dishwasher in a college cafeteria. During my shift I was expected to keep my counters clean. I was also expected to clean the inside of my machine throughout the shift. I would also check the Ph of the water in my machine every 15 minutes. When I clocked out all counters had to be free of any food residue. The inside of my machine had to be clean with no food reside. My manager stressed that how I did my job was important.

Why do we trust banks? Besides the federal insurance, it is the how behind the why. Why are they nice to us? Besides having our money, they have been taught the importance of how.