Saturday, March 01, 2014

What Have I Learned So Far

In 1998 I began to write a blog because I had turned 25. I thought having lived a quarter of a century I had something to say. I must have accumulated some experience and gleaned wisdom from 25 years life experience. With a decade and a half more life experience I have learned I was wrong. In eighth grade I had a science teacher named Mr. Roots. It was ironic that Mr. Roots would be teaching eighth grade science. Mr. Roots was a man with little patience. He would make up expressions as a polite way of telling us we were getting on his nerves and needed to be quiet. The one expression I remember was an ancient Chinese proverb. A wise man keeps his mouth shut and lets people wonder of his foolishness A fool opens his mouth and reveals all.

Keeping my mouth shut has been a challenge for me. But I am slowly learning. Lowell the pastor at my church has told me that I have a fire in my belly. I call him Lowell because that is how he introduces himself. On paper he is the Rev. Dr. Lowell Knauss, former Presbyter, pastor of 43 years. So needless to say he has some life experience. But Lowell is careful to simply introduce himself as Lowell.  He has also taught me it is important to listen more then you talk. He said you can learn a lot about someone in the first five minutes if you let them talk and simply listen.

The more I have lived the more I am reminded of an expression I thought of in eighth grade. The more I learn the more I realize the less I really know. I have learned humility and to pause and reflect before I assume something or speak. I have learned that I need to never stop learning and to always have a spirit of curiosity and reflection. I hope when given the insight to help others I will do so. But to never believe I have anything fully understood.

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